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March 2017 Newsletter

Thanks to everyone who kindly donated to the raffle drawn in Port Douglas. Brian Price from Darwin was the winner and was extremely thrilled to receive the prize. Brian and partner Janicean attended the National Assembly held in Albany in August 2014 and were hoping to return to view the Anzac Centre. They sent an email of thanks to the committee letting us know they will attempt to visit in Sep/Oct this year.
Skal Australia held their National Assembly in Port Douglas March 24-25. Cathy Glen represented the Albany chapter. Most clubs are experiencing the same issues as Albany with difficulty in retaining members. Due to this it was decided to that FVF donations now be directed to a Membership Development Fund. Funding is also available to assist in increasing membership from the Skal International.
Australia wide 38% of memberships is female with an average age of 54.
The next National Assembly is scheduled for August 24-25 and is being hosted by Sydney North at Q Station.
Thanks to Jerome Ryan in supporting Skal Albany each year. Did you know that if you purchase any goods from Camping, Kayaks and 4 x 4 at 173 Chester Pass Road a small percentage of the sale will be returned to our club.
The March meeting was a small crowd which gave our regular members time to really catch up with each other. Again Joe provided great food with a minimum of fuss. It was great to see former member Elise Van Gorp in attendance. It is also always lovely to see members partners James McCabe and Ailan Tran join us.

Pictured left to right: Lesley Briscoe (Treasurer), Susan and James McCabe (Busy Blue Bus), Cheryl Griffiths (Dunmoylen House), Perri Pires (iTrails Downunder), Martin North, Ailan Tran (Quality Suites Banksia Gardens), Forrest Woodbury (Albany Whale Tours), Elise Van Gorp (Albany’s Historic Whaling Station) John Woodbury (President) and Alice Ackley (Albany’s Historic Whaling Station).MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT – LOCAL FEEDBACK from AGM

Many people held quite different views about meetings times and days but most specifically mentioned the importance of international and national friends meeting for Congress.  The importance of the worldwide nature of Skal got more mention than any other item.
  • What happens at Skal meetings seems to find acceptance – guest speakers receiving supportive comment from quite a few, as does the clarity and informative opportunities to explore other member’s business.
  • Service to local youth; encouraging engagement in tourism was an important opportunity for several members.
  •  While a number of Skalleagues expressed satisfaction with the meeting procedure, a general tone of comment was made that a casual way of doing business with friends – of socialising and networking was a very important expectation from Skal membership in Albany.
  • Specific comment was made that formal proceedings need to be restricted to as short a time as possible and that long wordy newsletters were outside several members interest.
NOTE:  Skal International has processes – internationally repeated and maintained over many years in many countries of the world.  Australia too, must incorporate this process into the fibre of its representation at each of its clubs.

I have found the feedback enlightening, cheering, sobering and a reminder that committee work is never boring!
John Woodbury
President Skal International Albany